The most efficient way to manage your Therapy data and adherence to the SSNAP National Audit. 

Capture Therapy has been developed to bring efficiency right to the heart of your Stroke Pathway.

Intuitive indicators displaying therapy received and missed as well as therapy delivered but under the recommended daily amount. Capture Therapy can also collect custom activities and reasons for under the daily recommended therapy, all of which can be reported to help understand the exceptions.

Ensuring that data is collected and shared with the full stroke team with live updates as a patient session finishes.  

Direct Therapy minutes are auto calculated saving valuable clinician and administration time. 

Indirect Therapy minutes can also be recorded if required, to show a true representation of the resource used by the therapy team in Stroke care.

Rapid updating of Therapy notes and care given allows for greater flexibility for Therapy teams and valuable time saved and given back to care.  To find out more about how the Capture Therapy module can support your Stroke Team to deliver excellence in Stroke Care…