Capture Therapy

Capture Therapy is a clinical system to record both Direct and Indirect therapy for patients.

Direct therapy is fed through to Capture Stroke to inform the SSNAP audit automatically.

Days and minutes of individual therapy sessions completed are aggregated and populated in the corresponding SSNAP fields in Capture Stroke ready to be uploaded via the SSNAP Upload CSV file.

Indirect therapy is still time spent discussing patients in MDT meetings or ordering equipment for them and therapy team leads can report on this time spent, even though this is not a requirement from SSNAP.

All therapy sessions for a patient are displayed as therapy indicators

Therapy target met (45 mins or more therapy delivered for the day)

Therapy target not met with a valid No-But reason

Therapy target not met without a valid No-But reason

No session delivered without a valid No-But reason

No session delivered with a valid No-But reason

Indirect therapy for a patient

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