Therapy Management System Integrated with CaptureStroke

Ipad and Iphone

What is CaptureTherapy?

CaptureTherapy effectively facilitates therapy care across multiple disciplines and provides a quick, clear and detailed view of outstanding and delivered therapy and patient contact to support communication between therapy teams. Integration with PAS/EPR and CaptureStroke products allows for ease of use and single data entry as well as enabling teams to review and report to local and national bodies.

Benefits and Capability:

  1. Enhance therapy delivery and inform service planning through quick views of outstanding and delivered therapy and real-time dashboards.

  2. Improve communication across therapy teams and co-ordinate care through patient and therapist diary views.

  3. Receive notifications of therapy targets about to breach.

  4. Generate built in reports and export data for custom analysis.

  5. Browser based system accessible from any device with a Trust network connection: iPad, desktop PC, tablet, mobile, Toughbook and others to move towards paper-lite operations.


A Patient's Journey

Following a stroke, the road to recovery is a long one with a multi-disciplinary approach required to give a patient the best possible care and opportunity to progress. Here is how CaptureTherapy can support clinicians and patients during recovery:

CaptureStroke Patient Admitted

1. Beginning rehabilitation

Once a patient is well enough to commence rehabilitation following their stroke, their progress is entered into CaptureTherapy. With point of care capability via a tablet device, this records every aspect of their recovery securely and without the need for paper records or duplication.

2. Simple planning, better performance

Therapists can see an overview of all their patients to appropriately plan and prioritise their caseload. Questions of: "Who?", "When?", "Where?" and "Why?" are something they no longer have to consider at length.

CaptureStroke Care Overview
CaptureStroke Updated History

3. Care plans at the touch of a button

The patient's individual care plan - available at the touch of a button - provides a snapshot in real time of their previous treatment, progress and any notes.

4. Updating and sharing information

Using simple and intuitive interactions the therapist can update the patient’s records and share with colleagues seamlessly.

CaptureStroke Patient Handovers
CaptureStroke Smart Dashboards

5. Powerful analysis & reports

With the patient on the road to recovery CaptureTherapy supports clinicians further by helping them to manage and optimise resources, analyse department performance and produce reports.