Outpatient clinic management system enabling in-clinic data collection

What is CaptureTIA?

Our CaptureTIA system assures best practice tariff delivery and income. As a clinic management system built with significant input from clinical teams, CaptureTIA is designed with processes in mind and supports efficiency in transient ischemic attack (TIA) clinics. With functionality to organise clinics through a simple calendar interface, CaptureTIA enables clinicians to effectively review and report on service usage.

Benefits and capability:

  1. Optimise clinic efficieny and inform service planning through analysis of real-time data and management reports.
  2. Integrate with PAS to reduce data entry and source clinic slot information.
  3. Link to CaptureStroke to maximise benefits including the ability to notify a stroke unit of patients with previous TIA who have gone on to stroke.
  4. Review clinic details and record all required TIA clinic data including that required for SSNAP.
  5. Organise clinics via a simple to use calendar view.
  6. Gain insight into service usage via detailed dashboards and reports.
  7. Using our advanced platform - available across all native mobile and web browsers - collect data as part of your processes and move to true paperless operations.


Don't just take it from us

Here's what our clients said..
"Brilliant ability to notify stroke unit of patients with previous TIA who have went on to stroke"

For me and our nursing staff the best part of Capture TIA is the capability to input data pre-clinic resulting in automatic risk stratifying of patients, with patient safety and effective clinic management both clear benefits of doing so.