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What is CaptureStroke?

CaptureStroke is the UK’s market leading Stroke clinical pathway software, enabling clinicians to deliver best evidence-based Stroke care and gives NHS Trusts complete ownership of their data. Going beyond standard SSNAP reporting to promote a culture of safety and quality, CaptureStroke provides real-time analytics and care alerts in addition to an at-a-glance understanding of all Stroke patient’s status across the Trust.

Complementing and integrating with a wide range of EPR/PAS systems, CaptureStroke’s imbedded clinical protocols enables clinicians to easily adhere to the NHS RightCare Stroke pathway. Current developments include a patient focused Stroke Digital Passport and Ambulance Service Gateway.

CaptureStroke allows clinicians to interact with their data to enable service improvement and monitor key performance indicators with ease, leading to an increase in tariff performance and improved patient outcomes.

What's more, it is fully SSNAP compliant.

CaptureStroke Features

Care Overview

An at-a-glance view of every patient currently under care, the care overview screen is filterable by many factors including indicators for various targets, and offers users a safety first summary of a hospital's stroke ward.

Admin & User Roles

The Admin function allows team leaders to assign user roles to easily manage and control access to the system, whilst also providing those in charge with full audit capability to capture department activity to protect data security and integrity.


In addition to being fully SSNAP enabled, CaptureStroke can be tailored to collect and store specific data according to the needs of an individual hospital or trust based on their local requirements.


All of our products are configurable to integration with all PAS systems using HL7, following national standards of interoperability and the “connect all” future of NHS IT systems.


A smart function that allows clinicians to simply interpret automatically collated data in a manageable way, helping to identify performance success and areas for improvement.

Patient Overview

An intuitive and easy to use overview of a patient's treatment and interventions that reduces the need for the duplication of data and allows clinicians to simply drill down into specific areas of care.


This function allows users to view graphical representations of performance against locally pre-defined targets. Very simple to use, this intuitive, drillable, real-time feature is proving to be an invaluable tool for current users.

Benefits and Capability:

  1. Discharge letters and summaries.

  2. Role based user interfaces.

  3. Receive notifications by SMS and e-mail of performance targets about to breach and the ability to customise these locally.

  4. Real-time Excel integration via OData.

  5. Document Management.

  6. Exception Reporting.

  7. Empower stroke teams through real-time insights.

  8. SSNAP, SITS and custom data collection and upload.

  9. Interact with real-time data to enable service improvement and monitor key performance indicators (inc. SSNAP, SITS, ASI, CCG and others).

  10. Configure data collection to align to processes.

  11. Generate built in reports and export data for custom analysis.

  12. Browser based system accessible from any device with a Trust network connection: iPad, desktop PC, tablet, mobile, Toughbook and others to move towards paper-lite operations.

"Since implementation CaptureStroke has helped us to ensure Gold Standard Care for all of our patients."

Dr Katja Adie, Consultant in Care of the Elderly, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust.

A Patient's Journey

New users to CaptureStroke are fully trained on site by our support team before the implementation of the system in any hospital. However, we are very proud of the solution's intuitive usability and often find that users at new sites are soon using the full capability of the system within just a few days of their 'go live' as we call it. Here is an example of a patient's journey through CaptureStroke:

CaptureStroke Patient Admitted

1. Admission

The patient is admitted to the stroke ward. Their demographics are automatically pulled through to CaptureStroke from the hospital PAS or EPR system, including the time of admission.

2. Making a diagnosis

Using the care overview screen in CaptureStroke staff are able to record investigative information for the patient - such as CT scan timings and results - and move forward to a prompt diagnosis.

CaptureStroke Care Overview
CaptureStroke Updated History

3. More secure data

A real-time updated history for the patient removes the need for paper notes whilst increasing the security and accuracy of patient data. Multiple staff access to the system allows for more coordinated and streamlined team working.

4. Safer wards, safer patients

An intuitive care overview screen for the ward increases patient safety, saves time and allows for smooth staff handovers, whilst the filter functions allow clinicians to customise their view instantly.

CaptureStroke Patient Handovers
CaptureStroke Smart Dashboards

5. Streamlined services

Once the patient is stabilised, their therapy care plan - managed in CaptureTherapy and automatically shared with their records in CaptureStroke via smart dashboards - can commence.

6. Straight forward auditing

CaptureStroke mantains the patient's record for national SSNAP auditing, potential research trial suitability, department performance and tariff income reporting.

CaptureStroke Patient's Record

Clean & Elegant Design

We design products that are intuitive and usable, that work across multiple platforms. Our design team love making good looking, smart solutions.


Fast & Friendly Support

Our support team are friendly and professional and most importantly know our systems inside out. They love building productive relationships with our users.


Paperless NHS

We are a passionate supporter of the Government's Paperless NHS targets, with all our solutions developed with a paperless and truly mobile future in mind.

CaptureStroke Patient's Record

The installation process

During the 2-3 week installation process we aim to highlight all the things you will come to expect from Silverlink Software as a customer - a dedicated service, excellent communications and seamless support from a team of people who care. Here's how we deliver:

  • Initial meetingWe demonstrate the benefits of the solutions to all stakeholders.

  • Project KickoffBy reviewing installation objectives, we develop and record a clear understanding of your requirements.

  • ImplementationWe build the solution to your specifications with clinical and IT input & liaison, and train clinical staff to ensure a successful launch.

  • Go LiveSet to suit the users of the system, the solution goes live with flexible on-site support and guidance from our efficient Support & Training team.

  • Post go live supportFollowing the successful launch our support & account management teams are on hand to support new sites and individual users, with regular site visits and best practice sharing.

Still unsure?

We passionately believe the capabilities of CaptureStroke will make your ward and your hospital safer, whilst improving efficiency and performance. If you have a question or a query about anything relating to our products or our company, please just call us on 0191 280 4654. We'd love to talk to you. Alternatively, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

How is CaptureStroke accessed?

CaptureStroke is a browser based solution so that it can be accessed via existing trust hardware to reduce the cost of implementation, this can be either from Trust desktops, laptops, computers on wheels (CoWs) or mobile and tablet devices. E.g. iPads, Toughbooks etc.

Where is the CaptureStroke Data Held?

The data is held at either our partner Data Centre and is accessed over the secure NHS N3/HSCN network or can be locally hosted on the Trust's existing physical or virtualised server infrastructure.

Does CaptureStroke link to our existing hospital systems?

Absolutely! One of the key benefits of CaptureStoke is that it reduces duplication of data entry. It therefore integrates with your on-site Patient Administration System (PAS) or Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems such that specific patient data is automatically populated in the CaptureStroke solution.

Does CaptureStroke link to other National Audit Systems?

Yes. CaptureStroke links to the RCP web tool and provides the ability to upload data to ensure compliance with the National RCP SSNAP audit. The system also allows export of SITS, ASI, AQuA audit data to also satisfy these audit requirements.

Does CaptureStroke satisfy Information Governance (IG) requirements?

Yes. Silverlink Software are NHS Digital Information Governance Tool Kit Level 2 accredited:

All implementations are assured by a data sharing agreement and associated contract and service level agreements.

The system requires all users to have their own unique log in credentials to authentic with the system, this can be linked to a Trusts existing Active Directory or Single Sign On (SSO) capability. The system also has a comprehensive audit trail that logs every users interactions with the system, not only data changes but also data views and also a data fields initial state and new state.

All of which ensure that the patient data held within CaptureStroke is secure.

How long does it take to implement CaptureStroke?

The average time to implement the CaptureStroke system, inclusive of delivery of PAS/EPR integration work and dependent on local IT resource, is between three and six weeks.

The swiftest we have been able to implement a solution from kick off meeting to Go Live has been two weeks inclusive of all assurance, PAS/EPR integration, customisation, end user training and go live support.

How long does CaptureStroke training take?

Training spans a period of around four days on site presence prior to and during the go live period.

We deliver Pre-Awareness training prior to a system go live to introduce the system to users for familiarity, these sessions are typically group sessions lasting approximately 30 minutes at a time convenient to staff so as to minimise their time away from the ward.

We then attend site again to deliver training during the go live period. This ensures that users have assistance in the very early stages of live data collection and these sessions are run as drop in sessions for individual members of staff and again typically last for 30 minutes.

Do all staff input the data into CaptureStroke?

The system has been developed to be as simple to use and to allow for rapid accurate real time data entry by any staff member involved in the care of the patient to be able to collect data.

This could range from staff in A&E when a patient is admitted, consultants, nurses and therapists on a stroke ward and audit facilitators completing the data collection.

Community Stroke Teams then have the ability to utilise the system to support the ongoing care of the patient post discharge.

From a financial tariff point of view, coding teams are also involved in the data collection process as well as business manages and service improvement leads that have access to anonymised dashboards and reports.

However the system can be configured and is flexible enough to map to existing local process so that each service can determine which users they would wish to input data.

Who has CaptureStroke been developed by?

The software is owned and developed by CaptureStroke Limited, registered in England - No 06468227. Our registered office is at: Cobalt Business Exchange, Cobalt Park Way, Newcastle upon Tyne NE28 9NZ. Find out more at

How can I request more information or arrange a CaptureStroke demo?

To request more information or arrange a visit from us to demo our CaptureStroke system to your local stroke team please call us on 0191 280 4654 or email us at