Empowering Trusts through automatic clinical research trial eligibility notifications

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What is CaptureResearch?

CaptureResearch is an intelligent data-monitoring tool to be used by stroke clinicians to manage the eligibility and participation of individual patients in valuable research trials. Built with clinicians, it increases participation in clinical trials and helps Trusts to generate income.

Benefits and Capability:

  1. Collect SSNAP audit data

  2. Reduction in time spent identifying patients for research

  3. Inform feasibility for potential NIHR studies

  4. Increase data quality through PAS linkage (ITK accredited) and intelligent validation

  5. Interact with real-time data to improve or sustain service provision

  6. Streamline working between Clinical and Coding teams

  7. Assist shift handovers and prioritise key assessments


A Patient's Journey

Whilst often a challenging experience for a patient who is ill, taking part in a clinical trial can be a positive experience for them in addition to the benefits their participation offers the trial and the trust. Here is an indication of how Capture Research can help:

CaptureStroke Patient Admitted

1. Finding suitable trials

When a patient is entered onto the CaptureStroke system the new CaptureResearch function automatically searches for suitable current research trials.

2. Displaying important information

Simple and easy to use graphics highlight to a clinician the details of a suitable trial or trials for this particular patient.

CaptureStroke Care Overview
CaptureStroke Updated History

3. Supporting successful trial completion

If the patient agrees to participate, CaptureResearch supports the clinician to keep up to date, via intelligent dashboards and diary keeping, with all the requirements of the trial to ensure successful completion.

4. Generating significant tariff income

With minimum input from the clinician, through the patient’s successful completion of the trial CaptureResearch assists the Trust in the collection of significant tariff income.

CaptureStroke Patient Handovers